The Project:
Still Life with Luminous Movement: The Literary Art Digital Narratives of Ayers, Bennett, Jenkins, & Horace

(Left to Right) Vivian Ayers, Gwendolyn Bennett, Lillian B. Horace, and Betty Jo Jenkins

The Digital Narratives: 

There are many Black women that greatly influenced the literary world, the arts, and librarianship during the early 20th century that helped pave the way for African American writers, librarians, and artists. This body of work pays homage to four audacious Black women born and raised in the state of Texas. There careers took them around the world. The literary-art digital narrative features the lives four African American women including Vivian Ayers, the first African American Art Librarian to receive faculty status at Rice University’s Fondren Library and  a prolific art collector. Gwendolyn B. Bennett was a major contributor to the Harlem Renaissance as a writer, activist, educator, and Director of the Harlem Community Arts Center. Lillian B. Horace, was the first writer to be published in Texas as a novelist and she was an avid writer, publisher, and educator. Betty Jo Lanier Jenkins was the Head of the MARC, Metropolitan Applied Research Center Library, an author, and arts advocate for change.

*There will be a special supplemental part to this project, an oral history with 105-year old Vivenne Deloris Crabbee Terrell.
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